How to pay Premium IPTV Subscription

To purchase a King IPTV subscription, you can pay via one of the following options:

1- Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin is the best way to purchase an IPTV subscription anonymously.
You can also use this option in case the payment by your credit card on our website didn’t go through.
In that case, your credit card will be used to purchase BTC (i.e. Bitcoin), then you can pay by Bitcoin on our website.

If you already have a Bitcoin wallet, then you just need to order an IPTV subscription on our website, then complete the payment by Bitcoin.

If you don’t have Bitcoins or the payment by your credit card on our website didn’t go through, you can use your Credit Card / Debit Card to purchase Bitcoins, then pay by Bitcoin on our website (anonymously). You don’t even need to create your own Bitcoin wallet. When the Bitcoin website requires a BTC wallet please copy our BTC wallet and fill in.

Step 1: Order a King IPTV subscription

At the checkout, please choose the option “Pay with Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash

Then choose “Bitcoin